LOQ MOQ For Private Label Makeup Cosmetics

Author : Season Date : 2017-10-9 3:08:26
 Some client ask the most questions to me "why are your MOQ so high for private label?"
All i want to say is, its not my fault dear, the package factory do not allow our cosmetics factory to get low moq of package.
But now, things change,  we are not limited by the pacakge factory to produce private label cosmetics products.
Because we have package in stock, some products we have even the  no logo product in stock, you can simply have your brand with LOQ MOQ.
Please see the follow foto, we have many cosmetics like this , no logo, well pack, with high quality material.
How to get my brand private label?
1. provide your label design.
2. choose the material of the label sticker: paper sticker/ transparent sticker / matte transparent sticker
3. customized the box design , we will customized the whole new box for you, no matter 100pcs or 500pcs more...
4. we will process all if you have done above.