Ginger no silicone oil shampoo

Ginger no silicone oil shampoo
Details :
Item description: ginger without silicone oil shampoo
Brand: OEM
Origin: guangzhou
Specification: 500 ml
Suitable skin types: all type of skin after ear do prevent allergy test before use
Ingredients: ginger, tremella, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc
Product efficacy: king therapy shampoo is made of pure plant ginger ginger extract essence, ginger oil and allocate, curcumin formulated contains rich collagen protein and nutrients necessary to the hair growth.Can promote the growth of the hair fiber cells, repair the damaged hair, can lock the nutrition and gouache, is to prevent the loss of hair, remove dandruff, head itching makes the hair shine bright, elastic five effect syncretic method, after washing a hair is not dry, not oil, meek comb easily, and can be refreshing, reduce fatigue.Emulsion extracted with the use of the latest technology, vitamin emulsion, emulsion properties of protein nourishing ingredients, increase hair softness, with innovation lock water repair function, make hair smooth, moisturizing, moisturizing and moving.Use with ginger cure hair spa treatment can obtain perfect effect.
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